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There is a place…like no place on earth…Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter.

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Three more reasons to love Miami

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That’s fly.

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Yo, young money right here,
bike here, throw it up, no high chair,
cold like a white bear,
freddie Kruger Im a rap bitch nightmare,
and I’m rich I could buy you,
kill bitches leave ya body in a bayou,
more brain than an IQ,
more head than a dread (my youte),
and my bank account ain’t hardly empty,
that’s why I come through in a Barbie Bentley,
but please Mamacita, please no envy,
when you come around it reads no entry,
who’s next to go,
my flows so flex-i-ble,
get gas, then get at me, Texaco,
shoot yourself in the leg, plexico
white jag with the twisted lip,
I aint Mike Jack but This is it!
b- b- b- boo Im everywhere,
your like balloon boy mama you was never there!
I am the kung fu panda,
fuck all o’ ya blogs, fuck all o’ ya propaganda,
good for the goose then its good for the gander,
nicki ain’t a rapper, nicki is a brander,
please you can never compare to me,
all these b-tches is scared of me,
I am who they couldn’t even dare to be,
so thats all folks, badibadee
i go hard pause,
hospital flow get more gauze,
imma bad bitch on all fours,
the president be like- it’s all yours,
Weezy and Nicki bring the A-game, high stats,
go together like Ricky and his eye patch,
go together like a team in the gym,
Kareem in the ring, the queen and the king